What We Offer

I am committed to offering powerful 1-on-1 coaching for every single client I serve. Look below to find the way to work with me that best suits your needs.

Pastoral and Church Consulting

Bring me in to work with your leadership team to develop a church vision & mission, custom discipleship plan, or maximize healthy staff relationships. I can also lead or facilitate leadership retreats, focusing on anything from church strategy to spiritual development.

To further explore my thoughts and strategy in building a transformative church culture, check out my book The Transformative Journey.

Young Adult Success Coaching

There is a growing phenomenon today known as Failure to Launch Syndrome. What these young men and women need is the support and guidance to fully launch into a successful adult life and career.

If you are a parent of adult children (or a young adult yourself) and want more information, click below.

Sustainable Impact Partnership

I have brought together elements of various spiritual traditions and programs to develop a powerful method of personal transformation. Work 1-on-1 with Tyler to experience renewal in your life and work.

Contact me directly at tyler@enlivencoach.com or schedule a call with me.

Before I started working with Tyler, I had a couple of creative projects that had stalled, stuck in the mud of my own emotional blocks.  Tyler gave me two critical things to help me move forward.  First, he provided a non-judgmental accountability partner. Second, Tyler helped me see and address the emotional blocks that I kept slamming my head against.  Even better, he gave me the tools to identify and move around any blocks that might come up again. I’ve learned to enjoy the creative process with all its ups and downs instead of dreading the process and focusing only on the end result.  I am grateful for Tyler’s help!

— Brandon S.

Tyler’s coaching enabled me to maintain a more helpful perspective on my life and work. Through our partnership, I found my gratitude increasing. Which ultimately increased my overall happiness! And to top it off, after working with Tyler I landed a full-time position with an organization that I love!

— Lee P.

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